The Galleria Mall, New Delhi

Planit Transit Meals

With the Meals at Airport division of Planit Travglobal, you get to enjoy the meal of your choice while traveling. You can:
– Book meal in advance of your travel.

– Pick the desired food from a wide array of fresh and tasteful delicacies on offer at our four selected airports of New Delhi, Dubai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

– Relish tasty meals satisfying not just your appetite but your taste buds as well, at the transit lounges.

– Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, there will be fresh and healthy food available at your disposal.

From light snack items such as sandwich, tea or juice to heavier snacks and combo meals that include a variety of combinations of rolls, burgers and Indian delicacies, there are a plethora of options available at the airports for reasonable prices.

We provide assurance of food of the highest quality so as to provide everyone with an extraordinarily satisfactory experience.

There is complete flexibility for the travelers to enjoy their meals before the flight, on the flight or all the way to their destination.