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Airlines GSA

Planit Travglobal Private Limited is proud to boast of its competency in successfully implementing airlines GSA(General Sales Agent) / Distributorship in India. Currently, our group is the solitary distributor of the FlyDubai airline in the country, handling 30 flights weekly since 2011.
A Team of Professionals
Our team has the talent and the expertise to deal with all the concerns relating to the management of airline sales, along with a keen eye on yield and revenue developments. Our sales approach in the market keeps evolving constantly and we have taken on established careers, all the while improving on our yields and passenger numbers.
Expert Services
Planit Travglobal is confident in its highly motivated team and their ability to take on any challenge thrown their way. Our expertise in bringing multiple solutions that are needed for running airline operations and all their aspects make us one of the most efficient organizations in the industry. Within India we successfully liaise with Civil Aviation, DGCA and also arrange and attend to other statutory requirements.
– Our team at Planit Travglobal offers expert consultancies and guidance in the areas of Sales management, Inventory steering and IT solutions.
We have a noteworthy presence in India with 8 offices in metros and important cities that cover the North, West and South of the country.
Our committed staff is passionate about reaching new milestones and targets that are set for them for the benefit of our partners.