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New Zealand

New Zealand is an accepting, peaceful, green and uncrowded country that is an ultimate escape from the environmental and political stress of the world. Travel to this place isn’t obstructed by on-the-road frustrations as it is an easy place to get to. This is one country where you can relax and enjoy your vacation, without encountering unnecessary hurdles. The mouthwatering cuisine of New Zealand incorporates the South Pacific with its abundance of seafood. Tourists also get treated to panoramic views of sublime lakes, fiords, beaches, mountains and forests that make New Zealand one of the foremost destinations for hiking.

  • Visit TV chef Al Brown’s popular eatery Depot for the most amazing comfort food served in informal surrounds.
  • The Toitū Otago Settlers Museum keeps storytelling as its focus and is a fantastic interactive museum.
  • Pay a visit to Olveston, a spectacular mansion dating back to 1906, which provides a beautiful window into Dunedin’s past.
  • Visit Otago Farmers Market for a thriving place to buy all local organic produce.
  • One of the world’s smallest bars, Mou Very, is only 1.8 meters in width but provides regular poetry readings, live band and DJ performances.

New Zealand has a range of visa options that also include special visas for purposes such as business activities or short term study.