Onboard Experience

When you fly with flydubai, it is ensured that you have an onboard experience unlike any other. Everything from the comfort of your seat to the quality of the food and beverages to the in-flight entertainment is taken into account to offer an enjoyable experience.

Here's what you will appreciate:

  • Unique seat design with spacious legroom.
  • Every seat is fitted with in-flight entertainment, so whether you're traveling solo or you have children, you can be sure you'll never be bored on our flight.
  • You can also enjoy Wi-Fi access on some of our aircrafts, a facility that we are increasing on more flights.
  • Enjoy delicious food and drinks from our onboard menu and we are sure you'll be delighted to see at the wide auction in our duty free collection.

If there is nothing that you would like to do, just relax and experience flying under the stars. As the cabin lights are put out you will notice a gradual exposure of a dim blue sky light giving the feel of the night sky and twinkling stars over you will make you feel as if you are cruising and sleeping under a star filled sky.